Fashion Q&A with international model Andrea Perreca

Boudicca Italy's premiere collection was graced by the beauty of Neapolitan international model Andrea Perreca. After lighting up the photoshoot, Andrea sat down with us to share her thoughts into the world of fashion, her passion for modelling, and the little indulgences that keep her spirits high.


1. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

"The first thing I do in the morning is make coffee, I can’t think about starting the day without the smell of it in the whole house."

2. What would you never leave home without? 

"I would never, ever, ever leave the house without my headphones, music must be with me all the day long."

3. What are your must-have wardrobe staples?

"Well… I should say that my style is very minimal so I prefer to use basic items like blue jeans, black sweaters or t-shirt’s matching them with “showy” accessories like colourful bags, jewels and details that can make the difference in the outfit."

4. How would you describe your personal style? 

"As I said, my style is simple, minimal, that enhance my body and makes me feel comfy but confident."

5. What is a trend you’re happy to see go out of fashion?

"Well, to tell the truth, I work in the fashion industry but I don’t like to be “fashionable” one hundred percent, for me the “fashion concept” is a free expression of ourselves, that doesn’t have to be necessarily influenced by the rules of fashion but more from “who am I”, “what kind of style matches my personality”."

6. Who inspires you?

"If I think about who inspires me, her name is Zendaya, I love her personality, her lifestyle, that even if she had success she enjoys the little simple, important thing of life. She’s a magnificent actress and such a good person, with values, and so I really respect her."

7. Who are your favourite designers and brands?

"My favourite designer is Alessandro Michele. My favourite brands are Gucci , Valentino, Balenciaga and Prada - especially for bags - but so far it’s still a passion, I don’t buy from there at all."

8. What is your favourite travel destination?

"Well… probably cities like Cape Town, which I've been to for work and immediately fell in love with the culture and landscapes. Also Bali and Tulum, although I haven't been there yet" 

9. What is the greatest piece of advice you have ever received?

"Fortunately I've had many pieces of advice, one of them that is helping me a lot recently is to trust myself and my actions deeply. Because when we don’t give ourselves trust, we‘re not giving ourselves the permission to be great"

10. What is your mantra? 

"I'm saying it in Italian: trova il tuo centro ed espandilo.” 

11. What was the best part about modelling for Boudicca's very first collection?

"The best part was working with people that have a great passion for what they do, the enthusiasm they bring, it was such a pleasant couple of days. We collaborated all together with passion, creativity, and kindness, and it’s not always the way."

12. What is your favourite piece from the first collection? 

"I have to say my favourite pieces were the Black leggings and top cause I would use them also to hang out in, not just for the gym. They're super comfy and make you feel confident." 

13. How do you want women to feel when wearing Boudicca? 

"As I said, it’s a brand that has a lot to offer, a woman should feel always comfy and confident with her body, and Boudicca does it very well."

14. Tell us a little bit about your modeling process for Boudicca. What are some techniques or tricks you use to bring the clothing to life? 

"Every model should give their 100 percent to bring the product to life, and with Boudicca that was simple because they were already designed to feel confident. The other part I did was move freely, as every woman should wearing an outfit." 

15. Anything else you’d like to share?

"I really enjoyed working with the team from Boudicca and it was such a special day where passion and work met and matched perfectly." 

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