Pre-Order FAQ's

If you choose to utilize the partial payment option during the checkout process, our third-party partial payment provider will send you an email containing a link to the outstanding balance. Please note that this balance will not be due until the order is ready for direct shipment to your address. Once your order is ready to be shipped to you, we will notify you with a subsequent email with a link to the remaining balance that needs to be settled. After the remaining balance has been paid, we will dispatch your order via express delivery directly to your designated address.

If you chose to pay the full balance of the item(s) for your pre-order, you have nothing more to worry about! When your item(s) are ready to be shipped we will send you a notification via email. You will receive your tracking number and your items will be with you soon.

In order to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, we employ multiple factories located throughout Italy. As a result, the estimated delivery times for our various products may vary, impacting the time required for shipping to your location. However, please be assured that we will promptly communicate any changes to these delivery schedules and keep you fully informed throughout the process. Our ultimate objective is to minimize the lead time between your pre-order and the delivery of your items.